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Saluki Regicide & Mystified - Ancestral Technologies [wh017]

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Saluki Regicide & Mystified - Ancestral Technologies [wh017]


Fans of Mystified and Saluki Regicide will be quite pleased to know that these two have pooled their creative resources in this, their first collaboration.

It's a concept album, of sorts, with the tracks being inspired by past inventions, from the mighty ("Ziggurat") to the mind-bending ("LSD"), from the practical ("Electric Stoplight") to the pointless ("Spider's Ladder"). And in the execution of these compositions, the artists sought to convey impressions, rather than illustrations of the technologies. Thus, the work is less about the inventions themselves than about the mind's experience of the inventions. The results are often dreamy, almost shamanistic.

Thomas Park, of Mystified, brings into his work equal doses of illbient, minimal, industrial, ambient, experimental, and a handful of other esoteric styles, and to good effect. C.P. McDill of Saluki Regicide seeks to bend time and space, or at least soundwaves, to do his bidding.

-Mystified: 1,3,5-10
-Saluki Regicide: 2,4-10

You can visit The Mystified homepage for more information and to meet the man behind the magic.

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"I dig this...these sounds remind me in a strange way of obscure educational if discovered in the dusty bins of a basement or the like..evocative and cool!"

--Ben Fleury-Steiner, curator of "Gears Of Sand"


Reviewer: JeffW1 - favoritefavorite - December 7, 2012
Subject: Mostly forgetable.
I found this to be pretty forgettable. Don't get me wrong I was listening to Pink Floyd long before most people knew who they were. Tangerine Dream and various others also come to mind here; the difference is that theirs was music and not forgettable sound effects. I will give these guys an a for effort but cant say the result is something I would care to listen to more than once.
Reviewer: HighCalm - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 7, 2006
Subject: "Soundtracks to movies weve never really seen . . .
. . ..except in the grand ole
opry of our minds."

Saluki Regicide and Mystified, two
titanic talents gracing the Webbed
Hand label, offer up a veritable
tapestry of sounds both lost and found
in their Ancestral Technologies

Ancestral Technologies alternates,
overlaps, and percolates with sounds
that slide between the spooky, the
beautiful, the minimal, the cosmic -
and the list goes on and on. But at
all times, Ancestral is presented
with panache [I would love to have
heard it used in a movie like

I suppose if their were a Yellow
Submarine of experimental ambience,
this album would be it for me. Its
weird, but stylish and undeniably
cool. Its all over the place and
yet deftly transports the listener
from world to world without jarring
or offending the ears sensibilities.
We pass through these realms with the transparency of a bubble,
and thus witness an overlapping
entourage of times and places that
we may reflect upon as well as allow
to reflect within us.

The music of the Webbed Hand label has
not only exposed me to a wide range of
experimental and eclectic artists, but
it has allowed me to re-examine my own
notions and expectations of what can
constitute excellent electronica. For
though these artists share a kinship
with the more mainstream ambient
artists, they adhere to an experimental
ethic which pushes itself beyond that
mainstream and keeps them at the
forefront of the ambient avant-garde.
I intend on listening to this one
many many times!
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